Building Process

Our 5 Stage

5 stage bulding process


design stage


fabricate stage


lockup stage

Fit Out

fit out stage


final stage

Stage 1 – The Design Process


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Superior Steel Homes NQ manufactures building components for custom designed homes and steel frame kit homes. We have kit home designs on offer, however we specialize in custom design homes. Roof and ceiling styles are designed to suit your steel frame home. Our customers love that our steel is perfect for sloping sites.

Our team of selected people are willing to assist you with our in-house design services. We are able to offer pre-purchasing advice on your land and house design to suit both your property and lifestyle. We assist our customers with important decisions like: the best orientation of the home on the land, the layout and design that best matches the land. All this ensures you receive the best home that meets all your needs and desires.

Stage 2 -Fabrication & Frame

steel frame house construction

Owner Builders and Building Contractors are supplied with a complete steel frame building system for new homes, including sub floors, wall frames, trusses and all the necessary brackets, fasteners and battens.

We offer the following options:

  • A steel frame
  • Lock up stage kit
  • Complete kit

Stage 3 – Lock Up

superior steel homes nq lockup stage

At lock up stage the home starts to really take shape, and is ready to advance to the next stage of Internal Fit-out.

Lock Up Stage Includes
  • All colorbond roof, fascia and gutter
  • All necessary windows, external doors
  • All roof & wall insulation
  • All external cladding
  • All fibro sheeting & soffits sheeting
  • All cover strips & fixing brackets

Stage 4 – Internal Fit-out

superior steel homes nq internal fit-out stage

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The internal fit-out stage is when all the components come together and the finishing touches applied, ready for the next stage of Final Inspection.

  • All plastering on walls & ceiling
  • All external & internal painting
  • All plumbing
  • All floor coverings including waterproofing in wet areas
  • All kitchen cupboards
  • All bedroom robes/linen
  • All bathroom fittings
  • All internal finishing’s & door furniture

Stage 5 – Final

superior steel homes final inspection stage

Now the home is complete and ready for final inspection by the owner before receiving the keys.

  • Final Inspection
  • Hand over keys