Specialists in strong, eco friendly and energy efficient steel frame homes, offering you a choice of custom designed or kit plan steel frame homes. Our Bluescope TRUECORE® Steel Frames are backed with up to 50 year warranty.

Strong Safe and Energy Efficient Steel Frame Homes

Superior Steel Homes NQ is a 100% Far North Queensland owned and operated business which provides a leading edge technology in the manufacture of super strong lightweight steel, wall framing and trusses.

Superior Steel Homes NQ products are designed for the domestic residential and commercial market. We back our product with the best after sales service the steel industry has to offer as well as using Bluescope TRUECORE® Steel which is backed with up to 50 year warranty.

We specialise in custom designed homes and also offer kit plan homes, these are all eco and energy efficient homes.

Superior Steel Homes NQ is backed with an extensive structure & industry experience, our managing director Alan Floreancig has in excess of 20 years building and trade experience. As a registered builder, Alan knows first hand how to provide guidance, and design expertise that meet your needs. We have fully trained and experienced team at hand to assist all customers and industry stakeholders located locally at our office located Tolga, Far North Queensland.

We have developed an ethical and environmental focus on all practices. These include our strong focus on eco-friendly, these are implemented at planning phase and continued throughout the entire construction process.

The main element in all our product and process is steel, we design, and deliver key stand out features in our steel product:

Our Steel Frame Building System offers key points of differences:

  • There are only minimal designed limitations due to the strength of steel and all components are fully engineered.
  • We can design and manufacture wall frames and trusses up to the highest Cyclone rating. See cyclone Yasi (C5) before and after here.
  • All frames are machine manufactured and finished, this upholds the strength and integrity of the product
  • We manufacture from Bluescope TRUECORE® high tensile steel utilising – all our trusses are bolted together with 10mm thick bolts and nylock nuts. Providing the highest quality strength
  • Our wall frames use a double clinch riveted system or frame screws to suit certain designs and applications
  • Most efficient & productive steel frame assembly
  • Highly energy efficient system
  • Does not burn and no termite risks
  • Affordable
  • Quality control over the latest computerised manufacturing methods are used making the structure the most effective on the market today
  • Electrically safer than timber or masonry block homes

For more information about the benefits and advantages to steel frame homes, click the link below.

Benefits and Advantages